MadMax IoT provides the premiere process to fully integrate your existing SCADA and Building Automation Systems (BAS) into IBM Maximo to take full advantage of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). CBM is a maintenance strategy that monitors the actual condition of the asset to decide what maintenance needs to be done. CBM dictates that maintenance should only be performed when certain indicators show signs of decreasing performance or upcoming failure.

CBM can potentially save maintenance organizations millions of dollars by providing these advantages:

  • Reducing time spent on maintenance
  • Only replacing parts when it is necessary
  • Optimal maintenance intervals
  • Minimize downtime due to catastrophic failure

For example, CBM can give early warning for an imminent generator or gearbox bearing failure on a wind turbine. Replacement prior to failure can allow for an up-tower repair ($50K) versus a down-tower repair where the generator or gearbox must be dropped on site, repaired and re-installed. (new gearbox: $250K + Crane Rental: $150K).

MadMax IoT is ready to send data points from your SCADA and BAS systems in real-time to provide IBM Maximo the information it needs to generate work orders when they are needed. It is time to migrate away from calendar and time based scheduling. Utilize the power of your meter readings along with Maximo’s forecasting to schedule your maintenance activities more effectively.