We are an innovative technology company that harnesses the power of IoT and provides a common platform and an easy to use interface to rapidly discover, connect and monitor Assets, Locations and Meters for IBM Maximo, IBM Tririga, and IBM Watson IoT Platform.

Our core focus in the beginning was to provide a solution that would enable IBM Maximo customers the ability to receive real-time sensor data from their existing Building Automation Systems (BAS). By capturing these meter readings in Maximo we are able to create on demand work orders using Condition Monitoring and generate Preventive Maintenance work orders based off run-time, cycle counts, energy usage or other parameters.

Our expertise extends beyond BAS systems and IBM Maximo. We offer another product built upon the same framework that provides real-time sensor data from existing Building Automation Systems to IBM Tririga.

We are now featuring a new product that allows the real-time sharing of Building Automation System data with IBM Bluemix and the IBM Watson IoT Platform using MQTT.